(With Photo Capturing Capability)
                                                                                  For Homes and Business Premises

Model: AWK50-                      Support Intruder detection, Image capturing,
                                                                                  Smoke detection,Windows/Door Opening , Glass Break Sensor,
                                                                                  Gas Detection & Auto Arm/Disarm, Partial Zone Arm etc







Main Features:

  • Colour LCD Screen, Keypad with back light
  • Alert either by Voice, LCD Screen and SMS once the Door/Windows is opened.
  • Automatically take photos of an intruder & send them to your mobile phone

  • Built-in auto dialer with telephone and SMS text message alert.
  • Remote access from any telephone worldwide (password- protected)
  • Alert either by Voice, LCD Screen or SMS upon smoke or gas detection (available on Silver & Gold Package). Solar-microsecu1
  • Remote arm, disarm or panic alert worldwide.
  • Activate the panic alert and siren remotely by SMS text message.
  • Support discreet call to the alarm host any time; listen discreetly to the alarm area environment (password- protected).
  • Can be linked to monitoring center such as a police station.
  • Power cut alert whenever there is mains power failure
  • Built-in backup battery
  • Support two-way communication in alarm mode.
  • Human Voice guide and three- level password protection


  • Four-way arm/disarm: Using either Keypad, Remote Controller, on Phone and via SMS.


  • Support up to 6 mobile phone numbers for SMS alert and 5 voice call alerts on phone numbers during active alarm.


            Automatically captures an intruder's photograph 
            and instantly send it as MMS to the preset Mobile Phone or 
            or sent to the preset e-mail; at the same time ring the preset 
            telephone numbers whilst the Siren is activated on site.

These devices can be powered by one of our Solar Power System permanently at an extra Cost, Check our Solar Section. 
This will eliminate the issue of power failure thus assuring you all-round the clock operation.

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