CCTV Cameras with Remote Viewing on Mobile Phone, 
iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry & PCs.

            Vandalproof/weatherproof Dome Cameras with
                    Infarred LEDs for Day & Night Vision

We are a Specialist CCTV Company with the expertice needed to help you to:
 * Keep your home or business secure
 * Make sure your valuables are safe
 * Protect your family
 * Prevent crime

Advancements in computers and information technology have made CC TV systems increasingly sophisticated. CCTV systems generally include cameras, a video switching matrix, one or more monitors, and a VCR or DVR (Digital Video Recorder). We are providing wide range of all types CCTV Cameras , Hidden Cameras, Dome Cameras and channels for continuous Video and Audio recording for security essentials. We provides customized solutions for both business and home use customers. Advanced CC TV monitoring solutions improve the security, operations and risk management of your business

CCTV cameras
are now able to record much higher quality images and come in a variety of styles to maintain the aesthetics of your home.

These CCTV security cameras are commonly employed in the most crowded areas where security must be tight. These places are airports, banks, ATMs, military facilities, etc.

One of the most important parts of these CCTV cameras is that the result on detecting criminals is highly considerable and the photographs caught in CCTV security camera systems will be used to prosecute such criminals. Many time these camera help in catching the domestic whenever they involved in illegal activities.


                  View and also RECORD Live Footage on
    iPhone, Blackberry,iPad, Windows Mobile
 while on the move  



                                   Remote viewing on iPad


                         Remote Viewing on Blackberry Phone


Most of our CCTV Cameras and DVRs comes with remote viewing and recording
even on your mobile phones such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry Phones, Windows Mobile, just any mobile phones with 3G network. 

Our gears does not only allow you to view your CCTV Camera footage from  
anywhere your may be in the world via your mobile phone or laptop, 

but with our gears would also allow you to
RECORD live CCTV Camera footage
on the go, and be able to play the recorded videos back on your mobile phone or laptop.
Once we finish the installation, you can download the free software to your phone on apple stores,or blackberry apps world or simply install this app directly from the CD we would supply you upon delivery.

                       Via iPhone                                         Via HTC Windows Mobile


Top of the Range CCTV

We promise to deliver to you the best technology and CCTV equipment installed by our professional CCTV installers – without the stupid price tag. 

If you want crystal clear images, day and night, our CCTV packages are what you need. 
We believe we can deliver the package of your choosing at a price that won’t be beaten.
And all equipment and workmanship is fully guaranteed.
Our home or business CCTV packages are the best value for money packages available with no compromise on picture quality.

The best quality equipment, professionally installed at excellent value for money. 
Using the latest technology and equipment we can provide you a complete CCTV system to protect your property.
You can view the images through a seperate monitor or even using your TV or Home Computer. 

The system can be networked to the internet to allow viewing from anywhere in the world from a PC, Laptop or 3G Phone. 

It can even be linked into an intruder alarm. 
When the alarm is triggered it sends you an alert and immediately you can look at the live CCTV images right on your phone. 

Our professional CCTV packages are perfect for most households and small businesses.
You can be assured there are no hidden extra charges. 
The equipment and full installation is currently available at these low fixed prices.

                                      Screen Capture - Remote Viewing on iPad

                               Screen Capture - Remote Viewing on iPhone



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