Our Company

Walem Security Solutions, a part of Walem Global Services Limited is a security company
established in the United Kingdom, which extended to West Africa as a International company.
We are experts in delivering high-tech Surveillance Systems to individual homes and business organisations.

Our wealth of experience in security industry led us to ensuring the best products are 
sourced and delivered to our clients in accordance to their needs. 
We supply CCTV Surveillance Sytems such as CCTV Cameras,
Covert/hidden Cameras for government bodies and individuals.
Among other products, we do supply and install Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems, 
Advanced Door Videophone Systems and Fingerprint Door Locks. 

All our product come with 12 months warranty upon supply with full installation.
As part of our services, we offer free after-sale services to our customers both new and long time 
customers. We ensure to continually maintain the goodwill accorded us by our long standing 
customers. We seek to incorporate both security and safety into all our Burglar Alarm Systems.
We take our customers' needs and satisfaction very seriously, by ensuring to follow-up every bit
 of our customers' feedback. We have engaged well trained personnel , 
so your matter would be handled professionally and efficiently


Business Philosophy 

Walem Security Solutions own fundamental objective is to provide a high quality product and 
reliable service for our customers, whilst focusing on secured environment; 
safety is our paramount  objective. Even if an individual is not security conscious, 
our Product will also take care of SAFETY  of Individual Homes, Business Premises 

and Assets (
Smoke & Gas Leakage Detection features) . 
"A stich in time saves nine". So you do not have to wait till you get 
burgled or fire disaster strike before you make the move to secure your home or business premises .

Our Mission

We strive to empower individual household and business organisations to 
be able to afford any of our product thus securing their homes and business premises at an 
affordable cost. Making it possible  for an individual to keep an eye on their Homes, 
Business Premises and Assets even when they are on the move 
anywhere in the world using the latest technology we have in stoc

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