Many risk  to attend  an unknown guest at the door or at the gate without any prior 
knowledge of the guest who is at the door! Do you have to go close to the door to see 
who the caller is? Or is it not risky opening the door to someone you do not know at the middle 
of the night or in the dark?Even day time is as risky as any time. Think of the kids, the elderly a like!
We leave ourselves vulnerable and exposed to an attack or danger by opening the 
doors to an unknown guest. With our  high-tech Door Videophone Systems, you can 
simply SEE and SPEAK to the visitor at the touch of a button at your comfort zone.


Main Features

This is hands free and 7 touch Screen LCD.  Among the ranges, we have this ADVANCED DOORPHONE! Hands free Colour Video and Audio Intercom system! 

Our device Interfaces with CCTV cameras and audio phones! Touch screen 7" TFT LCD monitor with built-in automatic image recorder, stores 120 colour pictures depending on the model of your choice.

The model which automatically takes images of your caller, is capable of taking very clear photographs of your visitors even in the dark, then store it on the indoor unit with date and time stamp


 With many of our Door Videophone Systems, One can view or listen to the outside environment at will.

Whether the outdoor environment is well light or not, our Systems come with infarred which enable you see clearly even in the dark.

We supply and carry out the full Installation !


Main Features

This is suitable for two flats or a house. Yet another touch screen 7" LCD Screen.
The metal steel Outdoor unit (Door Bell) has an in built Camera with infarred LED, which makes it possible to see in the dark who is at the door.

With many of our Door Videophone Systems, One can view or listen to the outside environment at will.

These devices can be powered by one of our Solar Power System permanently at an extra Cost, Check our Solar Section. 
This will eliminate the issue of power failure thus assuring you all-round the clock operation.


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