SECURITY and SAFETY SYSTEM ( 2-in 1 Device)


Keep an eye on your properties/assets whilst you are on the
move at an affordable cost!.

Our superb alarms can be fully armed if you are out, partly armed if you are in and set to exterior mode offering full protection to the perimeter of your property. This is not all; our exceptional home burglar alarms not only notify you of an intruder but can also prevent a break in with an external siren that will sound before the threat has reached your home. Trust Walem Security Solutions to give you complete peace of mind when it comes to home security.

Get Instant phone call and text message whenever your Wireless Burglar Alarm System is activated. All our Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems will instantly alert you on your mobile phone anywhere you are worldwide whenever there is an Intruder, Gas leakage, Smoke detection, Window (Glass) breakage, Door/Windows opening and Panic Alarm Activation.

  • gsmalarmsystems1Among the various models of our Wireless Burglar Wireless Alarm System AWK50 model will send you the photograph of an intruder instantly to your mobile phone, followed by a voice call and a SMS text.
  • Arm or Disarm your home or business Burglar Alarm System remotely worldwide via a mobile phone or landline telephone.
  • No monthly monitoring fees to pay as opposed to the conventional Burglar alarm systems that cost fortunes.
  • All our Burglar Alarm Systems come with Anti-tamper features, which means, if the device is moved or tampered with in your absence, the system will automatically sound the alarm and immediately send you a text message notifying you and at the same time the system will call the pre-set numbers with voice call requiring your immediate action.
  • Built-In Backup battery- Our Alarm Systems come with an in-built backup Batteries, should there be power cut.
  • Solar Power Supply: As an extra option, we do cater for our customers who need to secure their premises even in an environment where power supply is unreliable. In such situation, our full package Burglar Alarm System would be connected to Solar Power Supply System (this is at an extra fee) which guarantee uninterruptible power supply 24/7.

007M8AWe have three different Models to choose from- AWK30, AWK40 & AWK50. Each model comprises of a Bronze, Silver or Gold Package options.

We offer free initial survey at no extra cost and guarantee full installation with warranty.

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Many risk to attend an unknown guest at the door or at the gate without any prior knowledge of the guest who is at the door!

Do you have to go close to the door to see who the caller is? Or is it not risky opening the door to someone you do not know at the middle of the night or in the dark? Even day time is as risky as any time. Think of the kids, the elderly a like!

We leave ourselves vulnerable and exposed to an attack or danger by opening the doors to an unknown guest.

With our high-tech Door Videophone Systems, you can simply SEE and SPEAK to the visitor at the touch of a button at your comfort zone


Many are known to the conventional black and white videophones which are not handsfree and with very poor visual.

At Walem Security Solutions
we offer various range of Door Videophone Systems with two-way intercom .

These are hands free and 7 touch Screen LCD. Among the ranges, we have the ADVANCED DOORPHONE! Hands free Colour Video and Audio Intercom system!

Our device Interfaces with CCTV cameras and audio phones! Touch screen 7" TFT LCD monitor with built-in automatic image recorder, stores 120 colour pictures depending on the model of your choice.

The model which automatically takes images of your caller, is capable of taking very clear photographs of your visitors even in the dark, then store it on the indoor unit with date and time stamp.video_phone_sentitve_buttons


With many of our Door Videophone Systems, One can view or listen to the outside environment at will.

Whether the outdoor environment is well light or not, our Systems come with infarred which enable you see clearly even in the dark.

See who is at the door before you let them in!


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