Solar Charged Twin Beams & Dialer System


Get notified on your Mobile phone or landline phone even before an intruder breaks into your premises.
The Solar Charged Twin Beams and Dialer System once installed it will protect the Premises fence perimeter.

It will activate the alarm upon detecting an intruder passes or crossed the system set boundary even before they could break in to the protected building giving you enough time to act. The seconds the alarm is activated, the system will automatically dial the pre-set phone number(s) whilst the alarm siren is also activated on site. If you have one of our Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems (AWK30, AWK40 or AWK50 model), this would give extra protection to the interior area of the protected premises. See our Burglar Alarm Systems Section.

Protect the immediate perimeter of your property with these side beam outdoor PIR movement detectors with easy wireless installation. This outdoor PIR can protect multiple window and door entrances easily. A narrow detection beam is sent out along the wall of your property so that should an intruder get near a window or door the alarm will be triggered.

Take advantage of the SOL201 alarms perimeter arming mode with our range of outdoor weatherproof movement detectors.

Outdoor PIR detectors are an excellent first line of defence and can deter an intruder before a break in is even attempted.

SOL201 wireless alarms can be fully armed for when your property is empty, part armed for when parts of your property are being used or perimeter armed to protect the immediate external area around your property, outbuildings and outside valuables. Our outdoor PIRs can be used in full, part and perimeter arming modes.

Main Features:

Solar charged wireless twin security beams with an impressive detecting range of 20 metres and an even more impressive wireless transmission range back to the receiver/dialer of 700 metres, and this can be doubled up to 1400 metres by using the solar charger repeater system!! Most usefull to our customers who require a detection range up to 20 metres.

Solar_Beams2The battery powered active security beams are kept charged up by the built-in solar panels and they will work for 30 days without any daylight!. Where beams have to be installed in shady locations the concern of restricted daylight can be greatly reduced by using the additional solar panel (which comes complete with a 5 metre long cable).

When the beams are activated they will transmit a wireless radio signal up to 700 metres (line of sight) back to the alarm receiver which has a built in dialer & can activate a loud 110 Db siren. This can be doubled up to 1400 metres (line of sight) by using the solar charged wireless repeater. This is also recommended where power supply is an issue. This model comes with a wireless remote Controller for ease of operation.



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