Solar Power Supply Systems

We have carefully packaged a complete, but portable Solar Power Supply System that support all our Burglar Alarm Systems.

These would be ideal in such an environment where stable power supply is an issue.

Most of our Portable Solar Generators would serve as the permanent Power supply source working all day round even there is less sunshine or during the cloudy days; bearing it in mind that all our Wireless Burglar Alarm Systems do have backup batteries on its own.

What else could you have asked for!. You would not need to worry about that noisy generator or the fuss of having to bear the huge and unending maintenance cost on the conventional generator.

All our Power Supply System comes with 5 years guarantee.

If you need more powerful Solar Power Supply Systems to support other household appliances such as TV, HI-FI, Lights, Pumping Machines, Fans etc to run from 4- 48 hours of use non-stop, then please check on our Solar Generators Section.


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