Record a simple welcome or warning message onto this unique outdoor microphone system, and locate it in a remote or unmanned location, once triggered the message will be boomed at the visitor or an intruder. Especially effective if you have a good CCTV camera, 
(live or dummy) visable at the same location.
Use it to welcome visitors, or to warn  intruders.
A very effective addition to remote perimeter security.

The PV-12 Speech Alert systems are powered by 12 volts DC, our customers use a range of power supplies which may be a standalone transformer or a supply coming from an alarm or cctv system.
The PV-12 has a built in PIR (passive infrared) detector, it will detect people from up to 12 metres away, once detected it will replay the customers individual recorded message (which can be eight seconds long ) at an adjustable volume between silence to 100 decibels, a very good deterrent.


Recording a simple welcome or warning message onto a security alarm system is a very easy way of increasing the effectiveness of any system.
Our range of 'Speech Alarm Systems: are designed for indoor and outdoor use, and are especially effective if you have a good CCTV camera, (live or dummy) visible at or near the same location.
It is well known now, that a lot of the expensive CCTV systems incorporate a control centre, that apart from watching 24 hours seven days a week, and they the ability to announce their presence using microphones.
By using any Speech Alarm System, in remote or unmanned locations, it gives the impression that a call centre is monitoring the site.
They work using various trigger methods, some are connected to existing security systems, some have a built in PIR (passive infrared) sensor, but once triggered a voice will be boomed at the visitor.
Other uses are to simply direct visitors, or remind staff and visitors of health & safety issues, such as moving fork lifts etc.

Our PV-12 Speech Alert outdoor speaker system is designed to boom out pre-recorded messages to visitors or intruders in unmanned or remote locations, especially effective if there is a visible CCTV camera (real or not) at the same location.

It is now well known that CCTV can be viewed remotely by monitoring stations 24 hours a day, and these have the ability to talk over a speaker system, so this system replicates this exact situation.

The PV-12 system has a built in passive infrared covering 12m x 12m, so anyone walking past this area will automatically trigger the recording.

Ideal uses include:
Residential Buildings.
Petrol Stations.
Remote Buildings.
Unmanned Factory Entrances.
Garages & Workshops.
Rural Shops & Counters.
The easy to record message can be up to 8 seconds long, and has a memory back up of 20 days with no power and can be played back at an impressive 100 Db.
Model: PV-12

This device can be powered by one of our Solar Power System permanently at an extra Cost, Check our Solar Section. This will eliminate the issue of power failure thus assuring you all-round the clock operation.

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